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Great to get feedback if you like my pics…or hear from you if you are a surfer I have shot.  You can contact me as follows –



Instagram: @ozsurfpics


….and of course you can get updates directly to your email account by clicking on the Follow link at the bottom right of the page.

I look forward to hearing from you….:)


2 thoughts on “Contact me

  1. Hi Warwick. Having a first look before i get back to some studying (days just aren’t long enough, right?)

    I was wondering if an image like this one of Kai – – is full frame or whether you are cropping from a wider image?

    Using the same big Sigma lens I find the surfers are rarely close enough to (almost) fill the frame so I’m thinking most of the Kai pics are either
    1) shot from some handy vantage point Or
    2) you are cropping, but the amazing resolution of the Sigma/Canon combo gives you great quality even from a small portion of the frame.

    If you are having to crop, as I suspect, what is the smallest percentage of full frame that you have managed to get a decent image from?
    And there’s no rush – answer when you can!
    cheers, Tony k.

    • Sorry this is tardy to say the least! Only just worked out how to approve and reply comments on here!!
      Yes you’re right most of these would be cropped. Unlike the pros with those MASSIVE (very expensive) lenses even with my 500mm of zoom if the surfers are on a break a way out they are still way less than full frame. I crop to a standard 1500 x 1000 pixels for posting here and so my rule of thumb is not to exceed a 1:1 ration when I crop. So given that the Canon 5D MkIII produces images which are 5760 pixels out of the camera that still gives me a fair latitude for cropping. Now if I was wanting to print them big….that would be a different matter….

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