Can’t say I’ve ever been interested in shooting bodyboarding but this day there was no surf to speak of and I had some time so I was looking around for some action.  As it turned out the choppy waves were good for some bodyboarding and a number of guys were making the most of it.  In fact I found it quite a challenge.  Of course they do totally different things to surfers and it was quite difficult to predict their next move in order to catch the action.  I did get a few good shots I think and in particular I really enjoyed some of the water ‘effects’ that were captured…..

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Just another day at D’Bah-1

Duranbah beach (known as D’Bah) is technically the most northern beach of the NSW coastline but in all practical ways it is in fact the southern most beach of the (Queensland) Gold Coast nestled as it is between the northern side of the Tweed River and the NSW/Qld border.  Known around the world for its rolling swell D’Bah is both a magnet for surfers from all over the globe as well as home break to numerous Aussie champion surfers.  D’Bah rarely fails to impress and on this occasion with little more than an hour to spend I nevertheless caught some great action!

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