AOS – Sk8 1

The Australian Open of Surfing includes a skate competition which is conducted in a purpose built massive ‘skate pool’ constructed on the sand.  I thought I would have a try at getting some interesting shots.  It proved more challenging than I had imagined; from high in the stands the view was good but from above it was hard to see the height that the skaters reached.  But from down at ‘pool’ level it was difficult because they move VERY fast and disappear into the pool only to suddenly erupt up the other side without warning.  Anyway it was fun and different.  I have kept some pics cropped wide to give an idea of the context .  They need a ladder to get some of the sk8rs out when they come off their boards.  Two of the boys in this are aged 8yo and 10 yo and they could really fly!!



388088 388134388134 388862 388886 388888 388890 388891 388941 388946 388947 388973 389636 389644 389665 389668 389671 389674

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