Jackson gets some air – 1

This is Jackson Coffey.  He is a ranked Aussie junior surfer.  He is competing in the Australian Open of Surfing coming up next week.

These shots were taken at the famous D’Bah on the Gold Coast late last year.  On this particular day there was a big swell coming in from the northern end which, I gather from the locals, is unusual.  Anyway it provided an opportunity to get some awesome close up shots because of the elevated vantage point offered by the cliffs at the northern end of the bay.  You can see why Jackson is ranked; he gets a LOT of air!!  This is the first of two posts of Jackson from this session.368431 368446 368451 368451b 368517 368518 368519 368527 368528 368569 368597 368598 368622 368625 368627 368628

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