I have to confess that generally I’m not that much ‘into’ the longboard surfing.  I know it’s how it all started out but….there are reasons things evolve! I do find the short board style of surfing much more ‘physical’ and dramatic so therefore both more challenging to shoot and also more satisfying in terms of dramatic shots.

However there is an exception to every rule (as we know) and I rather like this set of pics of a guy surfing on a longboard.  These were taken at Snapper Rocks on the Gold Coast a few years ago now.  There was a good swell rolling in and that certainly helped the situation. In a couple of them you can really see the board picking up speed and momentum and the shot where he’s really coming out of the water has a lovely sense of power I think.

Additionally….well I think it was one of those sets where the colours in particular all came together to make the photos work.  Big blocks of bold colour; really green water, orange (unpatterned) boardies, yellow board…even the fact the guy is very tanned..?  Anyway hope you enjoy them too….:)245917 245918 245919 245920 245921 245922 245923 245926 245930 245933 245934 245935 245936 245967 245971 245972 245973

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